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What’s the next killer startup?

Well, it’s not an easy question to answer. But then came a company that is supposed to help find the killer startups. And apropriately named, it’s called So, I clicked on the “Top 10” tab and then selected “All Time” subtab. Then, I took the first 5 company listed and got their alexa ranking to see how those companies are doing. Here is what I got.

Rank Startup Alexa Rank as of 9/27/2008 Live Alexa Rank
1 354,756 alexa
2 625,336 alexa
3 124,960 alexa
4 558,214 alexa
5 57,402 alexa

Now, only the 5th website has a rank below 100K. And I don’t see how they can make any money.

So, what really is a killer startup? Should it have a lot of web traffic? Should it make a lot of money?

Of course, most people start companies to make money. But then, where are all the really successful companies out there on the list? Are people really interested in publicizing their company as a killer startup, till it actually is?

I think there is a need for the next killer startup that can properly identify the next killer startups. Hmm, is this recursive?


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