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Taking Advantage Of Free Upgrade And Getting A Discount

After upgrading to Mountain Lion from Snow Leopard, I realized I can’t run the old PowerPC based programs any longer since the Rosetta technology is no longer supported from Lion itself. Luckily all my old software are for both PowerPC and Windows. So, I decided to go the route of virtualization and evaluated VirtualBox and VMWare Fusion. I settled for VMWare Fusion because it’s better for games and graphics.

I evaluted VMWare Fusion 4. I was ready to buy VMWare Fusion but I thought I will wait a few more days and see if they come up with a new release. After waiting a few weeks, I decided to just go and get VMWare Fusion 4 and placed an order. That evening, my trial version prompted me that there is a new VMWare Fusion version for upgrade. I immediately went to cancel my VMWare Fusion 4 order. However, it wasn’t possible even though it was not shipped yet.

Then I was upset about it and searched on the web if they have any sort of free upgrade for people like me who bought the old version within a day of the new release. Apparently they did have a free upgrade. However, to qualify for it, you should have purchased VMWare Fusion 4 between July 25th to Sep 30th. So, there is still some time!

Now here is the interesting thing. VMWare Fusion 5 currently retails for $49.99 but it’s possible to get Fusion 4 for less than that. That means, you can buy a newer version till September 30th for a lesser price and upgrade it to to VMWare Fusion 5. Note that you need to avail the upgrade by October 31th. Check the prices of VMWare Fusion 4 and Fusion 5 and decide for yourself.

In my case, I got Fusion 4 itself for $49.99 and on top I returned it with a shipping fine of $5 because I wanted to get a physical box of Fusion 5 instead of an electronic upgrade. So, you need to decide if you are OK with electronic upgrade and ready wait for some time to be able to get that savings.

Just thought it’s interesting to observe how it’s possible to get a discount due to this sort of a loophole and hence the post.

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Running linux on a windows laptop

I recently got a Dell Inspiron I6400 T2300 with XP Home edition. Given that it has 2 cores, 120GB harddisk and 1GB RAM, I wanted to try running linux within XP. So, I first downloaded Microsoft’s Virtual Server software which is free but that didn’t let me create virtual servers on XP home edition. Apparently, it only works on XP Professional edition, for which I would have had to shell out another $100 or so. So, I then downloaded VMWare Server 1.0.1, which btw, is also free and it worked fine. I initially had a few issues, as this is the first time I ever ventured into the virtualization space, but things went smoothly. I downloaded Gentoo’s 2006.1 distribution for Linux and now the system is up and running. Performance is pretty decent, I don’t get the feeling I am either running a virtual server when I am in XP or that it’s a virtual server when I am in linux.

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