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Why pay for Compiere?

When you can get Microsoft Office Accounting 2007 for free?

Compiere runs its website using php, yet it’s technology stack is based on Java. So, if Compiere chooses a different and cost effective solution for it’s operations, why shouldn’t you? Anyway, you have a choice between going for Compiere for free or for fee
or Microsoft’s Accounting solution for free or for fee.

Evaluate them carefully and before jumping into the open source bandwagon, consider factors like administration costs, integration to other desktop solutions like Excel etc. Not to mention the integrations to various services like equifax, online banking etc.

Interestingly, Compiere offers “Indemnification” support for their extended offering which is $150 per user, per year above the next available offering. On the other hand, Microsoft Accounting Professional 2007 currently costs less than $100 and integrates well with Microsoft Office 2007.


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