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Should I Block Ads?

There was a time I did this, but I don’t do this any longer. May be because I am now seeing from the publisher’s shoes :). But the real reason is, I realized that I will miss out many things happening around me, if I block the ads.

In case of context sensitive ads it’s always good to know what other companies are providing services/products around the same context that is of interest to me. In case of non-context ads, it gives me an opportunity to get outside my knowledge zone.

Then, there are times when I want to mainly concentrate on the advertisers, as opposed to the search results, since I want to do research on those advertisers. Like how they are advertising, what they are advertising, if those advertisers themselves are my potential customers! Yes, that’s right. Those who are advertising, are serious about their business, and so likely they would like any services offered to them that is of interest to them and pay for them.

Having said that, if your interest is about a product/service, then by all means click on the ad without bothering what it would cost to the advertiser. But if you are doing research on the advertisers and not really interested in their product/service (more specifically, you have no interest in becoming their customer), then please be considerate and take that extra step of just copy pasting the url (if you are not good at that and are likely to end up clicking the ad, then just type the url in the browser yourself) to visit the advertiser.

Here you go! I just revealed a big secret on how you can generate potential business leads from identifying advertisers! Good luck.

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