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Back To 1024×760 Optimization

Long back, websites were optimized for 1024×760 displays when the screen resolutions weren’t as good as it is these days. Then with larger screens both for desktops and laptops, that was no longer an issue and so there are many websites that use much more wider layout. But this holiday season (check the popular laptops sold on Amazon) and Microsoft’s recent quarter results confirmed that Netbooks are going to stay and people will use it to do a lot of casual web surfing. And most of these netbooks have only 1024×760 resolution. It may be possible to increase the dots per inch and provider higher resolution, but the physical size of these sub-notebooks or mini-notebooks or netbooks or whatever you call it, is not going to make it easy for the eye to squeeze in higher resolutions. So, may be it’s time to start optimizing the websites for 1024×760 resolution again.

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