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Free License For Link

In the pre-Google era no one cared about inbound links. Everyone cared about stuffing keywords within their own pages. That has changed due to PageRank. Companies spend a lot of money on online advertising, search engine optimization, link exchange, link submission, blogging and writing articles and even purchasing links. Some of the practices are frowned upon and potentially penalized while the others are genuine and well rewarded.

Here is a new strategy. What if you offer a “lite” version of your product/service for free with the understanding that the receiving party will link to your website? It would even be possible for those non-paying customers to write their experience with your product/service and make it a genuine backlink with appropriate content. Obviously, it’s not possible to offer this type of a transaction for life, so perhaps doing this limited time till you get enough backlinks that boosts your website to a PageRank of 5 or 6. Sounds like a cool strategy isn’t it?

Well, this bright idea is not mine, I just came across at this website. If you are wondering why would anyone want to do this and not just sell their product but spend money on advertising, obviously the reason is to improve visitors through organic search than paid advertising. In the long run who wants to pay Google or other online advertisers especially if the rates are high in some categories?

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Software Startup

Today I have been doing some research on starting a software company. One article I came across is

Running a Business On OpenSource Software

The good thing with open source or software as a service (SAAS) is that the startup costs can be drastically reduced.

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