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A good open source SVG editor

I am not an artist. But I like creating logos that represent my creative ideas. I do this so that I can take a break from the actual coding of the ideas. I used various different programs in the past like GIMP and Paint.NET. However, this time around, I wanted to create the logo in SVG format so that I can scale it to whatever icon size I want without loss of details. So, I found Inkscape and created my first SVG logo. It was quite easy. However, one thing I noted with all the various painting/image editing programs is that they don’t have an out-of-the-box pentagon, hexagon and other n-sided polygons that are quite useful in designing logos. I had to manually create one for my need, but the best thing with Inkscape is that after creating the polygon, it’s possible to control individual nodes of the polygon. It’s even possible to make some of the sides curvy. All in all, it’s a nice program and best of all, it’s free!


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