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Driving Search Volume Through Articles

Google continuously being No 1, and other search engines constantly losing the search engine battle, Yahoo! seems to be trying out a few new things. One I have been seeing for the last few days is to provide links to a few select words which when highlighted will
popup a small inline box (similar to contextual ads) letting the user to click that and get search results. I personally don’t like that. Now, today I see on their homepage the following
link about the most popular puppies which enumerates a list of top 20 most popular puppy breeds. Each of the breed name is a link that takes you to the search results for that breed. I again don’t see why one would want to do a search while reading an article, but the fact that you don’t know that you will be taken to the search results, makes you click it, perhaps with the hope of seeing more details like photos and other, only to be greeted with a link of ads, and web search results (and images).

Whether this technique is useful to the audience or not, it certainly is a good tactic to raise the search volume for Yahoo!

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