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Hello Android, Here I Code

I just went through the process of installing Android SDK and Eclipse and did the first Hello Android example. I am one of those guys who like to just use vi editor to do all the coding and seldom use IDEs (they have their advantage, no denial). A few years back when I tried Eclipse, it was never smooth. Too much dependencies among the plugins and invariably something or the other used to fail. But this time around everything went smoothly with Eclipse 3.5. Thus came another Hello World app on the Android Emulator for may be a billionth time.

But a small hickup. The app didn’t run by default. Online search indicated people had to wait for a while for the emulator to load. How can that be the case with a quadcore? Anyway, that wasn’t the problem. So after a while I just started clicking on a few buttons on the side phone display in the emulator. Clicking the “Menu” button started showing the app. Voila. After doing a bit of search, it seems to be the case for at least another person. This is on Max OSX.

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