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The Amazon Wii Alert

I am hoping to buy Wii from Amazon at the list price of $250.00 but it’s hard to find the product on Amazon. As soon as it’s available, it gets sold out and those few lucky people who bought a couple of them are mostly reselling for higher prices. Recently I noticed that Amazon is offering an alert service where one could register a cell phone to get an alert on the availability of Wii. So, after waiting for a few days, I finally got the alert today

“Wiis are in stock! Limited availability at 10.30am PST. Visit …” and in no time it’s over. So, I couldn’t get it this time. Hopefully I will manage to get it next time.

Interestingly, right now Wii Fit is selling more than other Wii games and even Wii itself with a rank of 3 compared to Wii’s 5.

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Nintendo Wii supports WPA

Anytime I want to buy a wireless gadget first thing I check is if it supports WPA (though I have been reading WPA is as easily breakable as WEP [Won’t Even Protect :)] which I need to investigate more). I haven’t bought the Wii yet, but doing some research on it’s capabilities and then came across

which clearly indicates that Nintendo Wii supports both WEP and WPA. They even talk about WPA2 which is supposed to be more secure than WPA. Well, my network router only supports WPA and not WPA2. So, I am going to give a green signal to buying Nintendo Wii and using it within my home wireless network.

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