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What’s In A Domain Name?

These days it’s hard to get good domain names. Good domain names are usually very useful, though not essential. Building a brand strictly speaking shouldn’t require a good domain name. Take some of the big domain names and see how many of them are just some nouns (or words that have eventually become nouns due to every day usage). However, some of these popular names of today did not become the well recognized brands overnight. They worked hard and established themselves as the pioneers in their own domain (pun intended).

For small fish like me, who also needs to worry about search engine optimization and get that extra bit of traffic based on the word being part of the domain name, it’s tough to register a good domain. Never had it been easy for me. Every time a bulb lights only to find that it has already been lit for someone else. Or may be generated by some clever program for those domain squatters (whom I don’t like).

In one of those domain searching moments, today I managed to get the first domain name I searched for! I still can’t digest it. I was so excited, that I immediately went and registered it with Google Apps. What surprises me the most is that the same domain name is already registered for .net but not for .com! How can that be? It’s one of those one in a billion chances which seem to have happened for me.

OK, now I have to get back to work on that secret idea of mine to make the domain public :). Small hint: the idea came because of Eddie Bauer.

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Who owns your domain?

If you are a small company, do you outsource your website development to a web design firm? If so, do you also make them register your domain and maintain? If so, think again!

Some person from a web design firm recently was exploring ways to make money out of the domains of his clients who got busted due to the bad economy and didn’t pay the dues. It appears he seems to be the domain admin of his client’s domains and so he can pretty much do whatever he wants. Like converting it into a website with affiliate links, of if the domain has a decent pagerank, selling paid links etc.

I understand that the web designer is trying to cover the losses, but in process abusing the access to the domain and hosting solution is probably not the right thing to do. That’s my opinion and I am open to read what others think. So, if you have any opinion on this specific topic, please comment on it.

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What may seem trivial may actually be a nightmare

I wanted to have a routine that, given a hostname will return me the “main domain” component of it. That is, let’s say I give it “”, it should return “”. Simple right? Wrong! Checkout how complex this could get if you were to address all possible tlds and sub-tlds.

Now, imagine some project manager factoring time for this routine. Perhaps 10 minutes? But it could turn out to be a day or may be even more if you have to test it out thoroughly.

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