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Where is Google In WordPress’s Referrers Report?

WordPress gives Referrer details so that you know where your visitors are coming from. I have seen, and a plethora of other websites but I haven’t seen Google, Yahoo!, MSN/Live. I know I do have traffic from these websites. When you get more than 200 hits to a single page on a Christmas day, you know there got to be a few of them coming from these search engines. So, that’s when I looked at the past history and noticed that these top search engines are never shown in referrer links. Ofcourse, WordPress shows the “Search Engine Terms” statistics. But I would like to know how many of those are from Google vs Yahoo! vs MSN/Live vs AOL vs

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I just realized at the bottom of that they have “Code Is Poetry”. Well, that’s the very reason I have had this account for more than a year! Good to know it’s not just me who thinks good code is like a good poem!

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