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Google’s Final April Fool Prank

Last year, I woke up on April 1st and went to the office and tried my best to fool people around. No one got fooled. I was quiet surprised why that was the case. At the end of the day, after talking to a few colleagues who are also pranksters like me, they said they had a similar experience. That no one got fooled. So, we all got together and brainstormed the reason behind it.

Apparently, most people do a Google search within the first 5 minutes of their sitting in front of the computer at work. So, everyone who visited Google’s homepage got Fooled or reminded that it’s the day of making fools. So, the surprise element that many pranksters count on to make friends and colleagues fools has been deprived by Google due to it’s monopoly.

After realizing this, a bunch of us sent an email to Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt telling him of how we are no longer able to make the best out of April 1st. Recognizing our problem, Eric Schmidt promised that he would like to pull off one last prank for 2010 and then stop it. I am hoping that he and Google would stick to their promise.

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