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JavaScript Performance Tuning

Most server-side programming languages have tools to do performance tuning on applications written in them. With the popularity of AJAX based applications and other rich-client HTML applications on the rise, more and more code is being written in JavaScript. So, how the heck do you go about troubleshooting performance issues for these type of client-side heavy applications written in JavaScript?

I faced this issue recently in two different applications where the Javascript library was not performing fast enough causing tardy user experience. I figured out that Firebug is an extension for Firefox that can be used to do the performance tuning. The way this works is,

a) install Firebug (and restart the Firefox browser)
b) enable Firebug if not currently enabled
c) load the page that needs performance tuning
d) open up Firebug and in the console, click on Profile
e) start using the UI controls in the page that have performance problem
f) Click on the profile and see a table of all the function calls ordered by the amount of time spent

This gives you an idea of the functions that are slow. The granularity of this report is only by function (thought it would have been good if there is a way to have line level granularity for some hot-spot functions to pin-point the line number). From this, it’s possible to figure out what’s going on and go about optimizing. In my specific cases, the two things I had to do one in each app are

1) Remove regular expression object creation and comparing from an inner loop
2) Reduce the number of Math.round calls

The performance gain in case of 1) was significantly high.

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