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University 2.0

What is university 2.0? This is just an idea I am mulling about. With the cost of education going up, people may not have time, money and commitment to study beyond Bachelors or Masters all the way to complete a PhD. That doesn’t mean at a later stage they can’t continue to invest time and effort in something they are passionate about. If that something is inline with the work they are doing that would be even better.

However, to do independent research, why should that be termed as University 2.0? Well, that’s where I want to explore the Web 2.0 ideas into this independent research. Perhaps, there will be open, free (or inexpensive) collaboration to do research. For example, an open source research journal, willing volunteers ready to spend time mentoring the research aspirants (this should be possible just the same way people are ready to contribute to Wikipedia) and perhaps even virtual degrees (well, those who are interested in researching on the side, perhaps don’t really care about the certificates, but hae, why not?). And as these days every social-network system seems to be interested in giving a number to everything (perhaps it all started with PageRank?), some kind of a popularity ranking to each research.

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