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America’s Got Talent!

Right now I am watching America’s Got Talent. A teenage girl just sang a Yodel that’s so charming. Last week another 11yr old girl sang a completely different type of song which is equally difficult and she blew the judges and the audience. Before that, a guy did finger tapping. Seems he is the only guy in the world who can do that! And just now, the magician pair who changed their clothes left and right, front and back, so fast and so elegantly just surprised everyone.

While there are some bad performances, the ones that are good are really good. Irrespective of who wins this competition, they are all great people with great talent. It’s unfair to pick one as a competitor, but that’s life. Even if it’s not fair to compare apple to oranges. Unlike American Idol, So you think you can dance and other shows, where the comparison is on similar talent, this one is completely different.

Why is this being discussed here at poeticcode?

There are usually heated debates about which programming language is best, which development framework is cool, typed/typeless, functional vs object oriented etc. Using popularity, or economics or some other barometer, perhaps only one of them will win to be the No.1. But then, they are all winners in their own right!

Just like “Talent” is the only least common denominator for the “America’s Got Talent”, perhaps, “Turing complete” is the only least common denominator for the various programming languages.

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