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TEXTAREA HTML Editor, Open Source

I needed a textarea html editor so that I could copy and paste some HTML content from one page into the system. After a bit of a research, I first tried out Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI). But then I had to give up that as it was both slow and also got confused when there are multiple textareas in the same page.

After a bit more research, I came across TinyMCE which is fast, worked with multiple textareas, easy to integrate and best of all, it’s licensed under LGPL.

BTW, I use Firefox and so one of the criteria is to use a solution that works in Firefox. There was another application I tried out before TinyMCE but abandoned it as it works only with IE. Also, my specific application is used only by me (the admin) and so I don’t care for cross-browser compatibility. Just that it works in IE. So, I came across Mozilla’s own rich text editing solution but gave up when I realized in that solution that it works with iframes. My criteria is to be able to easily integrate into existing html form that’s already using the textarea elements.

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