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Image Clouds Of Products In Procurement Software

Just came to know that v1.5 of the open source, highly user-friendly procurement software from is released. One feature they tout about is the concept of tagging the items. Check out their tag clouds feature. This is all good. But here is one of the issues when empowering employees to create requisitions. Say there are 25 different pens in the system, how does one know which pen to order? Some characteristics such as fountain pen vs ball-pen, red vs blue will help in narrowing down, but after narrowing down to say 6 to 10, what next?

One way to solve this problem is to have embedded analytics into the application which shows the most popular pens. If you want to go fancy in a web 2.0 fashion, you can even do something like Notebooks/Laptops Image Cloud which is ordered by Amazon’s SalesRank and sized based on the price. Aka tag cloud, but applied to product images.

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iTunes top songs sliced and diced as tag clouds!

When you open iTunes and go to the “Top Songs” list, you see a total of 100 songs that are currently popular. Each song has the Genre, Album name and the Artist Name. But what if you want to know which Genre is currently popular or which Album or which Artist? That’s where iTunes songs clouds come to rescue. Check it out! What’s more, you click on the links, they open up a in-line popup that shows the corresponding songs with their rank. Ain’t that cool? As of this writing, Pop followed by Hip-hop/Rap are the most popular Genres.

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