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GAFYD can cut the IT staff

GAFYD, which stands for Google Apps For Your Domain is pretty cool. It provides the ability to run a bunch of common applications off your own domain. The apps available are email, calendar, chat and webpages. These apps are good enough for most mom-and-pop and even a small size businesses.

GAFYD started in 2006. Initially, there was no choice to create your own domain as part of registering with GAFYD. But now they have that option and they offer it by partnering with enom and godaddy. The good thing with getting your own domain as part of the GAFYD is that they charge only $10/yr and that includes making your information anonymous in the whois so that you don’t get spam. In addition, without registering a domain, you get only up to 25 email accounts (each with 2gb space, similar to gmail). But with domain registration, you get up to 200.

Currently, one missing app in GAFYD is the ability to blog and link it to your own domain. Hopefully this will soon be included.

With the reliable and gmail like excellent user interface for email and similarly reliable web space, there is no need for maintaining these two servers in house. No need for maintaining a backup. So, that’s essentially reducing some of the IT operations inhouse. For $10.0 a year, the standard service is definitely worth it.

Oh, forgot to mention, they also made their Spreadsheet & Docs available as part of GAFYD. Check out the list of apps and more info about them at

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