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Is Compiere The First To Introduce Model-Driven Enterprise Software Architecture?

Compiere’s CEO recently had an article about the product in which he mentioned

“Compiere is more than an open source company. We are an innovative ERP and business solution provider. Our software utilizes a powerful model-based application platform. This enables Compiere to define all of the business logic of the application in a data dictionary. The platform allows customers to modify, extend or build on top of our system by simply specifying the business logic in our dictionary. It is rapid, productive, and results in higher-quality applications.”

Back in 1998, I interviewed with a company called TenFold which had it’s glory during the dot com boom with the stock as high as $70 or so and today it’s a penny stock. While I didn’t join the company, I had a few friends who did and that’s how I knew 10fold had a very powerful architecture and they do have model driven architecture called TenFoldDictionary. Check their patent.

The reason for TenFold’s failure as a stock is for various different reasons. However, my understanding is that they did have a very good framework. I even know they spent time and money in making their architecture work with MySQL.

So, for people who are purely interested in a model-driven framework, make sure to evaluate TenFold as well. But if you are looking for an out of the box ERP, then Compiere may be the choice. However, I don’t see now on TenFold’s website, but a while back they used to have a downloadable bundle with documentation touting how a business analyst can build a complete application like in 1hr (yes, 1hr) using their software.

Whatever, these claims be, frankly, great ERP software doesn’t end with a good framework. The nitty/gritty details and the continuous evolution of business processes and new business models is what makes it more challenging.

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