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Not Receiving Evite Invitations

A few days back a friend called and said “Hae I sent you an evite for my son’s first birthday and you haven’t looked at it”. I said, “no, I haven’t received any email”. Then I gave him another email and asked him to send it to it and while he was on the phone, I got the invite and I accepted it.

A few days later, I was asking another friend about throwing a baby shower party for his wife. He was like “we just had it over the weekend, this other friend sent you an evite”. And I was like, no I didn’t receive any evite and told him what happened earlier. Anyway, I separately went to meet my friend and his wife before they had their baby.

Now, 3rd time is a charm (or in this case, also annoying). I just got a call from another friend and “Hae I sent you an evite for our son’s 2nd yr birthday and you haven’t seen it yet”. I was like, “did you send the evites to my this account? Instead, can you send me to this other account?”. He sent it and immediately accepted for a party that’s just around the corner.

That’s when I thought enough is enough. I need to research about what’s going on? I searched on Gmail help and there are a few more people complaining the same. While all those other postings were related to regular gmail account. Mine is for an account on my own domain registered with Google Apps. So, I almost replied to one of the forum posts with all the info and just before submitting I thought of also giving info on the last time I did receive an evite. So, I searched for evite and then the mystery has been solved (almost).

A few months back, we organized a party for my son. My wife has her own gmail id but I also gave her an account on my domain. So, for organizing this party, she used her email on my domain so that even my friends would readily know who was organizing the party. So, as part of that, she added my email id to her account so that I could also access and look at who has accepted and who has not so that I could follow up if needed. When an email is added, evite actually sends a confirmation email and I just accepted it without much thinking.

So far everything is good. It’s not a fault of Gmail or Google Apps or Evite (almost). But read on to know what has happened.

As my wife doesn’t use her email on my domain at all, she has not logged into it for a long time. So today when we logged into that account, all the 3 evites that I missed are there! So, when we logged on to evite using her id, we saw both emails and her email is the primary. There lies the clue. What’s happening is, evite seems to be assuming irrespective of whichever email the evite is sent, it’s good to send it to the primary email. This is good if all the emails on the account belong to the same person. Otherwise, it would end up like what happened to me.

So, what’s the solution? To login using the primary email and then delete the other emails for which one wants to receive evites directly (I am hoping that after that everything would work fine, I don’t know yet). Now, I just have one problem. When I tried to remove the email, I am getting

“We’re doing a little site maintenance,
but we’ll be back shortly. Try again in a few minutes.

Thanks for your patience!”

I am hoping this is only a temporary issue for them and I can get my separate identity asap.

Update: I am able to delete the email from the old evite (the default one), not from where I get the above error. Not sure how long it would take them to fix this issue so that I don’t miss out future evites.

Update 2: My changes on reflected on The email has been removed. Hopefully I will start seeing evites to my email account.


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