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Hard To Frame Searches

For most purposes, doing keyword search gives pretty good results, especially so with Google. Even otherwise, it’s easy to add/remove a few keywords and refine the search to arrive at the desired results without much effort. But sometimes, it gets difficult and simply no easy way to from the searches appropriately.

Here are two examples I came across on the same day.

1) I use a wireless router and also Gentoo linux on one box and Windows on the other. The linux box seems to have ad-hoc network problems and typically slower than the windows box. It so happened that when I tried to use wget, a file that is larger than half a kb was immediately downloaded, but for another that’s less than half a kb, it just got stuck for a while (not always). So, I vaguely had a theory that may be if the size of the pay load is very low, then there is some issue on the linux box. So, how do I frame this as a search query to get the related articles if any?

2) I use wz_tooltips and it works fine. I also have a poplist and whenever an option is selected in the poplist, a tooltip should show up at the appropriate place where element related to the option is on the page. This seem to have an issue in that, the tooltip doesn’t show up till the mouse is moved after the onchange action. Not sure why this happens, but couldn’t figure out an easy way to be able to frame the search.

Sometimes you feel like explaining your entire problem and then get the most relevant search results rather than trying to figure out which set of keywords are the right to arrive at the results.

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