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Freeware tools to convert DVD to MP4 (iPod Video)

I wanted to convert a dvd into mp4 to be able to view it from my iPod. After a bit of research, found several shareware tools to do this. I usually look for freeware first and only if I don’t find something suitable, I explore other alternatives (like buying a shareware program or a popular commercial program). After a bit of experimentation, I was able to successfully convert a dvd into mp4 and upload it on to the ipod. Below is what I had to do (if you are going to follow what’s given below, make sure what you are doing is legal)

1. Use DVDFab Decrypter to extract VOB files from the DVD. A dvd can have several vob files but you can select the ones that you really need by previewing.
2. If you end up with multiple VOB files, then you need to first merge them before converting them to mp4. For this, you can use the VOBMerge.
3. Finally, use the MobileVideo For iPod to convert the VOB file into an mp4 file.
4. Connect your ipod to the PC and drag and drop the mp4 file into the itunes under the ipod Movies section.

That’s it, you are done!

Update: Recently I came to know of an open source software that converts DVD to MP4 and it’s called HandBrake.


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