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State, Navigation & Performance

Web Applications development is all about managing the state and navigation. And for those few lucky sites that have high traffic (like, performance also matters. Two days back I happened to be looking at a portal application that was trying to display reports in real time. Since a portal typically has multiple portlets in it each one showing a real-time report, the way that particular portal application was designed was to initially show loading icon till the portlet page is loaded and then display the page. One good thing with this approach, as opposed to sequentially building the entire page within a single request is that user can start looking at the content as soon as it’s queried and sent to the client. The downside is that there will be multiple client requests to serve each page, one per each portlet, that would be expensive.

Now, this particular portal page I happened to look at has drill-down pages for each report and a group of people are constantly looking at the report and the drill-down. The drill-down is in a separate page, so there is a lot of navigation going back and forth. And each time the user clicks from the drill-down page to the main portal page, the portal page starts rendering all the portlets in real time. This definitely didn’t look promising as it was taking a lot of time for the page to render and consuming a lot of the entire group’s time.

Now, I have recently been experimenting with GreyBox. What this does is, it allows you to open up a detailed page in a embedded window without leaving the current page. When the user clicks on a link, it greys out the original page, and puts a new box with the target link. Hence the name, GreyBox, I would assume. The good thing with this approach is, since one can look at the details, without leaving the current page, in a scenario like a Portal, it would be extremely useful.

I think, overall, with AJAX, DHTML and JavaScript, a lot of server side load can be reduced by carefully designing the navigation using widgets like GreyBox.

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