In Online Realestate Websites We Trust

Last few months I have been very closely following the listings of each home put up within our zipcode. There are some things I like about Redfin and there are some I like about Zillow. It’s always like that, isn’t it? I mean, you never get what you want from just one thing. I have not only been following the listings for sale but also when they are sold, supposedly.

Why am I saying supposedly? Here is the thing. For some of these listings, Redfin shows as “Sale Pending (MLS-Listed)” while Zillow shows “Listing removed”. So, what really happened? Did it get sold or the seller decided to pull out the listing? One would think that such a simple yes/no question would have just one answer everywhere. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Similarly, in another case, Redfin indicated that the home is not for sale any longer (initially it did show that it’s for sale) but on Zillow, it still shows that the home is for sale. So, why is it that Redfin knows about the removal of the listing but not Zillow? Or is it the other way, where Redfin thinks that the home is off the market? I can understand a delay of a day or two since they have to get their data feeds from some where and one could have more recent info than the other. But when you see this type of high level data discrepancies for weeks, it makes it hard to decide on whom to trust.

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  1. Have you tried contacting these sites? I am in the process of launching and we are partnered with Listhub for data and MLS feeds at a national level. We had to have a custom syndicating application develop to pull and feed the data to keep it live. Check out – its free to use!!

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