With Social Plus Comes Social Minus

Recently I mentioned about CodeEval. I have been observing them since then and I just saw something interesting on LinkedIn. I know they have been aggressively marketing their services via multiple social networking channels. Here is an image of the conversation on LinkedIn.

So, it looks like some guy is not able to submit his problem. So, immediately he concluded the website to be “Crap”. But what about the 1567 submissions (or is it users)? How did they manage to submit their programs?

The truth of the matter is, there are usually two types of customers. Those who work with their vendors, understand issues since they are also vendors to someone else and their service also has problems at times and work towards an amicable solution. Then there are others, who at the first opportunity of running into an issue, criticize the software or the company or the people and some may even want their money back, even if it’s their fault.

So the interesting thing to note is that just the way it’s easy to market something to a large audience via social networks, it’s equally easy to spread the negative publicity. In all possibility, it could even be a competitor trying to be a jackass.

Note: I am not affiliated to CodeEval. I am a happy member of the community and think it has a good potential.

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