Removing SD Card from CD/DVD Slot

Yesterday I had a bit of a panic moment. We went out and took some video. Later in the night wanted to watch it on my 27″ iMac. So, I took the SD card and put it into the slot which is on the side. Usually I pay attention, but not this time. But I did find it something different. Before I realized what happened, I inserted the card almost. I actually inserted it into the CD/DVD slot by mistake. Problem is, both the slots are very close (so after this incident it reminded me of an old joke I heard about what professional God is, something along the lines that he is a Civil Engineer else who would put two completely unrelated holes together).

So, as soon as I realized my mistake, the card was still out a little bit and I tried to pull it out. But things got worse, it went inside. That’s the first time I also realized that the iMac’s DVD slot has some kind of a sponge lining. Not sure why that’s required, may be a good thing for inserting and removing DVDs but in this case, that made it more complex.

Suffice it to say I did a few more stupid mistakes and finally the SD card went deep inside and I had no clue where it was within the entire DVD slot area. Slowly my panic mind regained a bit of sanity and then I searched the web and found some Youtube videos on how to remove it. One of them gave an apt name “Fishing SD Card out of a DVD slot” or something like that. Yeah, it was almost like Fishing (I think since I never did fishing :)).

It’s really simple actually. Of course, I can say it’s easy now because I have been through that and after a bit of desperation I finally did manage to remove the card. What you need to do is, take a think cardboard. Usually the junk mails that you receive with all kinds of offers come in think cards and one of those is good. Fold it so that it’s about an inch thick (you are using about 2 inch think wide paper and folding it, otherwise you will end up making it too think with too many folds to make it 1 inch). Then at one end, push the fold inside so that it creates a perpendicular fold and you now have an L shape on the inner side and an L shape with a slant near the corner on the outer side. Something like


Now, slowly insert this and try to feel for an obstacle and try to keep scoping out. You may not exactly feel like an obstacle. But keep trying to insert this card from one side of the slot, put it all the way in and try to keep moving around and pulling out. Don’t worry about it going into CPU or harddisk or something. While I don’t know the internals, I think the DVD slot is a close enclosure that prevents your L card going to other components. I advice you also to go to Youtube and see how people are doing to get comfortable with this whole idea of fishing :).

This worked for me and I was so glad about it. Otherwise, I would have lost the memory card with good videos and my ability to watch DVD movies from my iMac.

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