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Gmail is down for me and Twitter (and not Google) confirms it

My gmail account of one of the Google Apps domain is down for the last few hours. The funny thing is, it gives “Show Detailed Technical Info” and when I expand it, it just says

” Hide Detailed Technical Info
Numeric Code: 21″

How the heck should I know what Numeric Code 21 is supposed to mean?

So, just to be sure the problem is not just for me, but a general outage, I searched, well, on Google for “gmail down”. The first link is a sponsored link from Google itself and it read

“Gmail Down?
http://www.Google.com/AppsStatus Visit the Google Apps Dashboard to View the Latest Service Status Info”

As I am used to not clicking the link but directly copy paste the URL, when I tried to access “www.Google.com/AppsStatus”, it gave a 404 error. Then I clicked the link which actually took me to http://www.google.com/appsstatus . So the actual url and the display url of this ad are not the same.

Anyway, on the dashboard, it said there was an issue with GMail on 7/28 but today it’s fine. But that’s not true. I am as of this writing not able to access my account.

So I went to the king of the real time search engine, twitter, and typed the same phrase “gmail down” and there you go lots of users already saying the same thing.

Hasn’t Google already integrated Twitter searches into its main search page? Not sure what triggers this twitter search results region, but certainly not the one I wanted :).

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