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Error With Error Module

Providing support for a web application to run on any web server on any hosting provider is a challenging task. No two hosing solutions probably have the same configurations. Even within the same hosting provider, one server might have configuration different from another.

To triage some of the issues related to the configuration, I have a script. The script is supposed to find test if a required perl module for the application is present or not on the website’s server. The script uses the Error.pm perl module to try and catch the exception and based on that reports if the module is present or not. Today, this script itself failed for someone. It turned out, who would have thought, that the Error.pm module itself was missing for this user. Given Error.pm provides some very basic try/catch syntax that’s widely used, this should have been a mandatory perl module. As a side note, the other day when I was migration some of my stuff from an old Linux box to the iMac, I found out that the Error.pm module is absent and when I installed it, it pulled in several dependencies. May be because of these dependencies, some web hosting providers don’t have it installed by default.

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