The Cost Of Performance, Or The Lack There Of!

Recently I helped someone to build a dropship like solution. The product data from the provider was accessed using a web service. Initially I was expecting the number of items would be just a few hundred and carefully hand picked. However, he just choose to put in thousands of items. As a result, the cron job setup to pull the item data on a daily basis was running for much longer duration and also consumed higher CPU. As a result, his shared hosing solution couldn’t handle it and the cron job used to get killed due to the quota limitations.

I thought about ways to sync the product data without reaching the resource limits but that meant a lot of redesign and would have costed him quite a bit upfront for the development. So obviously, not designing a program keeping the resources under which it has to work in mind has a cost.

But here is the kicker. He decided to go from shared to dedicated hosting that costed him 20 times more per month than what he was paying! Yeah, that’s 20 times more! He would probably recoup the money he would have to spend to optimize his program for performance within a year if he could go with the shared plan.

When the cost of performance tuning goes up, with hardware becoming cheaper and cheaper, it becomes cost effective to live with sub-optimal programs most of the time. However, in cases like SAAS or hosting solutions where the hardware is loaned, the extra cost would add up over time.

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