SAAS & Layoffs

With the economy deteriorating day by day and the layoffs increasing, my experience with on-premise applications got me into thinking some practical issues for SAAS adoption.

When an employee leaves a company on his own or due to RIF or Layoffs or Firing, whatever the case may be, the access to the internal systems are pretty much gone. Not being physically present within the office in itself restricts access to several things. One top of that, corporate firewall will prevent access to anything else, as soon as the VPN access is deleted. Ofcourse, some routine services like email and calendar are typically provided access to without first getting into the VPN connection. So, those kind of services have to be terminated as soon as possible to.

Infact, the process of termination is typically starts a few days prior and I know of some smart employees figuring out who is getting axed during a RIF by trying to do some HR transactions that would have typically got blocked towards the end.

Now what does it mean to using a SAAS application? Is your internal HR system integrated with your SAAS application such that when an employee is terminated in the HR system, the access to the SAAS application is also terminated? Now imagine a sales person being terminated but he still access to the sales force SAAS system and able to go home and download all the contacts and those of the other people working within the same organization or territory that are being shared?

So, here are a few user management features that every SAAS system must have. Before signing up with a SAAS vendor make sure some of these that are most important are available.

  • Bulk user termination. This is useful when several employees are being terminated at the same time.
  • Complete Lockdown. In SAAS solutions, typically there is always a administrator for each company. This admin should be able to place a temporary lockdown such that all the other employees of that company are not allowed to login. This would be useful if there is a need to prevent access to the system to all users for a few days while details are being worked out internally.
  • APIs to user management will help large corporations to build web service integration to tie it with their HR systems. However, it would be interesting to see what happens if one were to use two SAAS vendors, one for HCM (human capital management) and another for Sales Force Automation.

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