(Google) Dude, Where Is My Bar?

I used to have a pagerank of 5 for this blog. After more than 2yrs and several software related posts, I got to the 5 pagerank and about 250 page views a day level. Then, during the last pagerank update, I went down from 5 to 4. Which I didn’t bother, as you know it fluctuates, like the stock market. And I know the stock market has fluctuated a lot more recently, mostly going down. But that can’t be the reason for my blog to lose the pagerank. Isn’t it? I mean, like not even a 0! So, what happened to my pagerank bar Google dude?


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4 responses to “(Google) Dude, Where Is My Bar?

  1. S

    Hmm, I see the page rank back at 4 today. Huraaay!

  2. S

    OK, looks like the official pagerank update started happening (atleast to me as of 12/30) and the page rank for this blog homepage is now 3. Down by 1 point.

  3. S

    Gone again. And link:poeticcode.wordpress.com shows no inbound links.

  4. Nancy Kitahara

    Oh man! What happened to my google bar? I’m stressed about not knowing where to find it! Pleeeeease make my day better and put it back! PLEEEEEEEEEASE>>>>………..:-(

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