Consumer Privacy, Corporate Secrecy, Both Are Threatened By Google Chrome

There has been a lot of buzz about Google Chrome. I know this not just from the blogs and press but also from my own post about Google Chrome and applets which brought in more than 300 visits in just a day and from Google Grabs 1% on day one, some real statistics.

There has been concerns on the consumer privacy because the OmniBar of Chrome supposedly gathers and sends what you type in the url bar to Google. This is a serious privacy issue for me that I wouldn’t be using Chrome anytime soon.

In this age of online collaboration, more and more companies use CMS websites within their corporate infrastructure. So, when an employee using Chrome and types in the url of an intranet website url, that information would also be available to Google. Now imagine Apple had such a CMS and it had folders named iPod and iPhone long before these products were released to the public! While the press always finds ways to get this kind of information early on through employees/partners who anonymously leak this type of information, with Chrome, Google has a visibility to upcoming high-profile projects that are not known to anyone else. This is a real threat to corporations!

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