Alexa Traffic Rank Hack

With so many websites sprouting up each day it’s more and more difficult to get a lot of traffic to a website without some serious advertising and SEO effort. One of the ways to keep tabs on the traffic is to use Alexa. One problem with Alexa is, while the weekly and monthly ranks are shown, the daily ranks are absent for most websites and this is because of their footnote

“* Daily values are not available for sites ranked outside of the Top 100K.”

Looks like, as a result of this, they don’t even show the trend in the graph. None of my websites have so far made into the 100K rank yet. So, I have been disappointed for a while about not being able to see my traffic trend. However, I have noticed that a few websites, inspite of their rank being larger than 100K, happen to have their trend graph being plotted.

So, today I realized that if I compare my website with a site that has a trend being plotted, then in the comparison chart, my website’s trend is also plotted! So, you no longer have to despair! Just take another website that has a rank close to 100K and compare it with your website and get your trend.


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8 responses to “Alexa Traffic Rank Hack

  1. Alexa’s figures are misleading, at best. Use Google Analytics.

  2. Nice article…
    my alexa rank 1.000.000, how to optimize my alexa rank?


  3. Vyan RH

    I was try 1000 way to get up my alexa rank, but till now it’s stag at 3 million. (Sight)

  4. Wow…my alexa 2 million..heeheheh

  5. I think, we don’t hack alexa or google pagerank. Try for good content, analytic, graph then alexa and google will welcome your site hehe

  6. Hi,
    Alexa Traffic Rank Hack is very well defined. Thanks for sharing
    Thanks and Regards
    Amien melody

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