Google Chrome Can’t Recognize Applets

Just downloaded Google Chrome and visited a page with an applet and I get “No plugin available to display this content”.

Pages seem to render fast. UI is sleek.

I am writing this blog from my Firefox. I don’t think there is any reason for me to switch to the Chrome.


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13 responses to “Google Chrome Can’t Recognize Applets

  1. Chris

    I got the same thing while attempting to load the java game “runescape” ( I reloaded Java and Flash (just to be thorough), bounced the browser and … still doesn’t work. Apparently this browser isn’t ready for my prime time. Does load really fast tho!

  2. Tom

    Google Chrome requires Java version 6, update 10. Please note that this is currently a beta version and may be more unstable than some previous version of Java. To download this beta version of Java, visit

  3. Yeps.. Me too.. I thought Java Applet is a must when you want to launch a new browser.. How can google didn’t notice this one (since they build chrome from java). And now I need to open 2 browser just to do my internet banking application.

  4. Ian

    I have Java version 6, update 10 installed, but it still doesn’t work. I reinstalled it just to be sure but no luck

  5. Jane

    I have the same problem. Java Control Panel-Advance doesn’t recognize Chrome Browser. Anyone know what to do??????

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  7. Ed Mansfield

    Java applets won’t load for me, either. I have JRE 6u10-rc installed and I don’t get the “No plug-in” error, but I do get a java classloader error saying it can’t find the applet. The same web-page/applet runs fine in FireFox and IE.

  8. Mdsr

    Hi, i also had the same problem. I installed latest JRE from (jre-6u10-rc-windows-i586-p-iftw.exe) on windows vista home premium. Now it works perfect and no problems at all with java-related content. Now i m not using IE or Firefox at all.

  9. ProfessionalTechWiz

    I have and use Google Chrome with (beta) Java 6 update 10 beta and everything which needs java etc works fine but….when I play plays fine for a little while then my computer freezes and restarts so if you need Java for Runescape, I suggest you wait until Java 6 update 10 is out of beta testing stages and is fully released but you can continue to use the beta for other Java-related stuff..just not Runescape until Java releases Java 6 update 10 out of beta.

    P.S – Some people are not too smart so that’s why I wrote all that stuff for people who don’t understand things too

  10. dragon

    that sux…. i luv runbescape and i installed chrome

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    • lol

      lol Brunz, this has nothing to do with the topic…
      in this 10 addons, you will find nothing to solve this Java problem…

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