Attack Through Google Alerts

I use Google Alerts to monitor a few things. This is a good service and have been using it for several months now. However, today something strange happened. I received an alert and when I clicked on the link, it took me to a harmful website. Actually, it seems to take me to a different website every time the link is clicked. And one of those random sites tries to install an ActiveX control and there is no way to disable it, it keeps opening up again and again till I had to open the Task Manager and kill the program.

It is unclear if the particular website got hacked or if it’s created specifically to do this type of attack. Whatever it is, this is scary. The problem is, Google Alerts brings in alerts from various websites and since you are eager to read about those topics of interest, the general tendency would be to click the link without hesitation even if it’s an unknown website (many times unknown blogs).

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  1. fromthe2one5ive

    I just posted about the same thing on my blog! I just had it happen twice this week with Google Alerts picking up a fake site that tried to install virus scan software. I didn’t even think twice about clicking on the links sent to me.. now i will.

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