The Amazon Wii Alert

I am hoping to buy Wii from Amazon at the list price of $250.00 but it’s hard to find the product on Amazon. As soon as it’s available, it gets sold out and those few lucky people who bought a couple of them are mostly reselling for higher prices. Recently I noticed that Amazon is offering an alert service where one could register a cell phone to get an alert on the availability of Wii. So, after waiting for a few days, I finally got the alert today

“Wiis are in stock! Limited availability at 10.30am PST. Visit …” and in no time it’s over. So, I couldn’t get it this time. Hopefully I will manage to get it next time.

Interestingly, right now Wii Fit is selling more than other Wii games and even Wii itself with a rank of 3 compared to Wii’s 5.


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