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NetSuite, without a surprise since it’s already done by it’s competitor SalesForce, introduced Business Operating System, BOS. When I first read about this and the fact that it had SuiteScript, I was almost screaming “if every SAAS startup starts having it’s own scripting language it’s not good for developers”. Then, by looking at the SuiteFlex Development Guide, and reading “SuiteScript is the NetSuite platform built on JavaScript that enables complete customization and automation of business processes.” I felt much better.

Frankly, these days of the Web 2.0 world, there are a few key advantages going with JavaScript based server side scripting. And they are

* The same developer can contribute to both frontend and backend code. (Note that I am using the word “contribute” and not “do development” because, it really depends. Just knowing javascript doesn’t help one to do effective frontend coding unless CSS & DHTML are also mastered)
* Once all the Web 2.0 fad is gone, then the talent pool with JavaScript knowledge would be plentiful
* As a programming language, JavaScript has some powerful features due to it’s prototyping based object oriented programming, functions as first class entities and providing closures. I think it’s also possible to do continuation passing style (CPS) programming.

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One response to “NetSuite BOS SuiteScript

  1. Sonali


    I am a sourcer with iPlaceUSA and have a job opening for Netsuite Specialist in Raleigh, NC and Boston, MA.

    With your vast experience, knowledge and contacts developed over the years, I am hoping you can help me find Netsuite professionals

    Below are the pre-requisites on this job position

    Required Capabilities:
    • Proficient with base Netsuite functionality including System Administration and Customization features
    • Creation of custom Reports via:
    o Netsuite’s internal reporting tools, and
    o Enterprise Reporting (ODBC) and Crystal Reports
    • Advanced Process enhancement via JavaScript
    • Advanced Data Updates via Web Services and/or XML imports
    • Managing list data (customer, contact, vendor, items, etc.)
    • Ability to Assess and Implement new modules and features (e.g., Advanced Project Tracking, Outlook Integrations)
    • Training across all locations, roles, etc. (this will require travel)
    • Creation of documentation and user guides
    • Netsuite “internal help”

    Desired Additional Capabilities:
    • Strong knowledge of the Chart of Accounts and general G/L impacts throughout the transaction stream and month end close process.
    • Familiarity with Netsuite’s advanced Marketing functionality
    • Advanced Knowledge of Support and Customer Service features in Netsuite (Case Management, Issue Management, Knowledgebase, etc.)

    Do you know of a good job board (I have already searched all of the major job boards) or forum where I could reach experienced professionals?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Sonali Patil
    iPlace USA

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