Domain Spam – Domains That Aren’t

These days I am quite upset about a problem. Every other domain that I think of to register for my business idea, yes real business idea that I am interested in, I see that an appropriate domain is already taken. But when you access the website of that domain, what you see is a stupid page filled with all sorts of keywords related to the domain name. Clicking them will show sponsored ads. Now, obviously when the cost of registering a domain keeps falling down, the idea of being able to make money out of random-once-in-a-few days visitors if they able to click the money is quite compelling.

Say, the cost of a domain to register is $6.00, with a PPC rate of $0.50, more than 12 clicks a year is more than enough to make profit. The profit can range from a few bucks to several depending on how often the site is being visited. But registering many such sites some of which also for the purpose of selling at a higher price for those desperately interested in a specific domain, there is definitely some business idea in this (infact, recently I saw a guy trying to borrow $25K, yes that’s $25K to buy a highly sought after domain name with the idea of making more money in the future from it, seems he can even rent it out for other companies interested in advertising on the site due to it’s popularity in the search).

However, this whole process of registering so many domain names is causing a domain spam and the only way to prevent this is by not clicking on any link when landed on such a domain. The less lucrative this becomes, the less incentive one would have to do this. Similar to maintaining a scam/phishing domain list, if one maintains a list of domains created for the purpose of displaying ads and alert the user in the browser as soon as such a site is visited, then a naive user can easily avoid clicking the links.

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