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Gmail is loading and loading and loading and …

These days, I am really sick of Gmail. It’s getting too slow. Like a bloated pig. After all, the 1gb which eventually became 2gb strategy is probably not working. Having to mine all that piled up mails (which probably most people just kept it there, like me, out of laziness to remove or with the may be useful one day attitude) to provide some contextual ads (and a few times some coofeefool ad or the other which has absolutely no relevancy), it perhaps is taking a toll on the Gmail servers. Most of the night times and more on weekends I keep getting the “Loading” red button on the top. What I hate most about that is that it covers the signout link and as a result, I can’t even sign-out when it’s slow! Today is the first time since I signed up for Gmail, perhaps 2+ yrs, that I actually composed a notes on Yahoo’s email (yes, I usually keep notes in drafts and that’s me, don’t ask why I do it).

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