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Many graduating students are concerned about interview process and end up buying books, reading articles about what and what not to do while interviewing. But with blogging, the interviewing candidates equally get their opportunity to fairly evaluate the interviewers. Over the years, I probably interviewed more than a hundred people over phone and in person. Similarly, when I was graduating, I interviewed with a few companies. So, being on both sides of the equation, I would say I have a fair knowledge of what each side is looking for.

Anyway, I ended up at this specific blog about an experience interviewing with Google and I want to indicate a few paragraphs from this

“Anyways, doesn’t matter really, but this interviewer and I had a personality conflict and his accent was so thick I kept having to ask him to repeat himself. I think this is why they didn’t hire me.”

Yes, who cares how good a person is, if he or she is not able to articulate the problem clearly and coherently? On top of that, judging the candidate?

Next, take a look at this

“Well, I started to solve it and he kinda got annoyed. He got up and started trying to solve it for me (strange). Then he sat there for 3-5 minutes trying and eventually gave up without the solution. The best part was when he said, “just trust me”.

Yeah, right! Why not trust that interviewing candidate and give him a job :).

Anyway, the thing I want to highlight is, perhaps blogging gives the power to keep the equation more balanced in life. Just because one has the power to hire doesn’t mean he/she should act arrogantly.

In my personal experience of candidates interviewing for large corporations, below is a few key things that goes against them

1. Some times, they have to fly in from another timezone causing some physical exhaustion
2. Have to interview with multiple groups one after the other
3. All of this, sometimes in the middle of exams, middle of assignments etc and depending on how critical the school activities are at that time, half the mind might be the other side
4. Tell me which large corporation in the US doesn’t have people from different countries with different accents? For students who went to schools that have a lot of international students, they probably are already familiar with some of the different accents. Otherwise, it’s going to be tough.

There may be more reasons which you can think of!

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For The First Time I wanted Spam Comments In My Blog!

Today WordPress had some maintenance to fix some issues. One of the issue that got fixed is the landing page when clicking on “Delete All” for the spam comments. Here is what used to happen for me in the past. It either used to give me 404 error and then later on used to go to the home page. Today, after the maintenance, when I tried it, it remained in the Comments tab itself. Finally! Well, now that I deleted all the comments, I wanted to verify that I wasn’t dreaming :). That’s when I wanted a bit of spam in my comments tab to be able to try it again! Funny, huh?

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