In the last 30 days, this house increased by $58K!

What? How? Why?

Well, I found on

* Zestimate: $843,569
* 30-day change: $58,598
* Value Range: $767,648 – $970,104
* Last updated: 09/11/2007

And then, looking at the neighborhood,

Past:        This
              home 	 94555  Fremont  Alameda  CA     US
30 days      7.5% 	-0.7% 	-0.1% 	-0.4% 	-1.5% 	0.4%
1 year 	      6.4% 	-0.4% 	-1.3% 	-1.5% 	-6.0% 	-5.6%

So, when the entire neighborhood is decreasing, why on earth did this house shoot up so much? No clue! I worked on enterprise business intelligence systems in the past and I know unless you can drill-down to the details, no one will trust the numbers.

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One response to “In the last 30 days, this house increased by $58K!

  1. Hi, it’s David G from Zillow,

    It is quite common that some types of homes’ values appreciate while others decline. Nationwide for example, we’ve recently seen the value of large homes decline even while the values of small homes were still appreciating.

    Don’t pay too much attention to 30 day changes on Zillow. A dramatic change can often be caused if we receive a large batch of new data or significant new information about the house. It’s important to remember that Zestimate values are just a starting point; they’re not intended to be the final word on a home’s value.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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