“Whatever Became of Google Finance?”

At fool.com there is an article today that said Whatever Became of Google Finance? and much of the arguments are based on the number of posts in the discussion boards. I think to a large extent it holds good, but is there a more technical way of figuring this out? Well, there is.

I first checked on quantcast.com for both Yahoo! and Google and neither finance.yahoo.com nor finance.google.com appeared. Then I tried Alexa and found that finance.yahoo.com has 1% of the entire traffic of Yahoo! while finance.google.com didn’t show up against Google. Adding to that, since Yahoo!’s overall traffic is more than Google’s, the difference in traffic to their respective finance sections is perhaps even wider. Add to it, the fact that Google’s domains vary by country, while it appears Yahoo!’s are not (atleast, I don’t see domains by country for Yahoo! on Alexa while I do for Google), their 1% is for the entire world wide traffic which is perhaps even larger.

So, now you know how to figure out the traffic of various sections of the websites if those sections are organized using subdomains!


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3 responses to ““Whatever Became of Google Finance?”

  1. Hello —

    I work for Quantcast — and we do indeed have figures for both sites, as we do for most subdomains.

    CHeck it out:



    You will note that Yahoo is MUCH larger and has a more “addicted” base. Fully 10% of Yahoo Finance visitors visit every single day of the month accounting for 59% of total visits.

    On Google Finance, the figure is 1% visit every day accounting for 20% of visits.

    I also want to point out the very strong weekday/weekend variance on the daily chart. This is very typical of a finance site that has a stronger focus on stock quotes and the market.

    If you have questions or want me to walk you through the data, let me know.

    My best,

    Mark Schulze
    VP, Quantcast

  2. Ron Bodkin

    The relevant Quantcast profile pages are at:



    In terms of monthly uniques, we show 4% of Yahoo’s go to their finance subdomain, whereas 0.3% of Google’s go to their finance subdomain.

    Here’s a comparison chart: http://www.quantcast.com/traffic-compare.jsp?domain0=yahoo.com&domain1=google.com&domain2=finance.yahoo.com&domain3=finance.google.com&domain4=

  3. S

    Thanks for the comments from the QuantCast folks. When I wrote the post, I only checked for google.com and yahoo.com and looked under the “Top Domains” section. Great job guys, for providing stats at subdomain level.

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