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America’s Got Talent Winner

Almost a year back I wrote an article about America’s Got Talent and how everyone there was fantastic and it’s a general talent show, it’s hard to compare and say one talent is better than the other, just like how it’s unfair to compare different programming languages.

I am just watching the finals and here is my dilemma. I like Butterscotch and wanted her to win, that is till Terry Fator who did the ventriloquism singing. I still think Butterscotch should probably win the competition for her unique beatboxing skill. So while my heart feels for Butterscotch, my mind feels for Terry, for his perfection in imitating and singing using ventriloquism.

So, the question is no longer just unfair apple-to-apple comparison, but if you are asked to pick one over the other, how you go about doing it? What if you are one of those persons where both the heart and mind are balanced out?

When you are in school doing your thesis, you are free to choose whichever programming language you like. It’s up to you, mostly, especially if you are doing your research pretty independently. But once you start working, you are forced to use the language(s) of the company. You got no choice. You can choose to join a different company that uses the languages of your preference, but that alone is seldom the selection criteria. Isn’t it?

Anyway, so who is it going to be? Butterscotch or Terry? Let’s wait and watch for another day.

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