WiTricity (none, WEP, WPA, WPA2, …)

Yesterday there is a big news about WiTricity, ability to transfer electricity without a wire. This is perhaps one of the best inventions of this century. No denial. But today, I was thinking about the economics of it. With a regular wireless connection (used for data networks), because of the security it’s possible to keep unintended users away from your network. But what happens with WiTricity? With no such “encryption” of electricity capability, while you are powering your indoors with it, many people can be sitting in a car near your office or house can start using some of that power using this same wireless technology. How do you prevent that?

I am not being pessimistic with this technology, just wearing my entrepreneur and security admin hats. Worst case, it will still have some limited use cases.

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