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MySQL Regular Expressions

I have a table that stores a bunch of keywords. The keywords can be either with or without quotes (“). That is, the keywords could be PageRank, “Web 2.0” and startups. My requirement was to sort these keywords but ignoring the quotes. That is, instead of displaying them as “Web 2.0”, PageRank , startups, I wanted them to show up as PageRank, startups, “Web 2.0”

That’s when I started looking at MySQL regular expressions. A few interesting things. First and foremost, it looked odd to me that the syntax is something like

“select stringcolumn regex ‘some-pattern'”

instead of

“select regex(stringcolumn,’some-pattern’)”

The second thing is in how I had to write my sql to achieve the above requirement. I ended up doing something like

select …, case when keyword regex ‘”.*”‘ = 1 then substr(keyword,2,length(keyword)-2) else keyword end okw from … where … order by owk;

This felt quite ugly, but perhaps a better hypothetical syntax could have been like


where the 3rd argument is an SQL expression evaluated with special bind variables captured from the regular expression. (Ignore the usage of nvl which is a Oracle syntax, but you get the point).

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