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Skill Cloud – Making a resume Web 2.0 compliant?

Earlier I wrote about and how it converts pages to keyword clouds and tag summary pages to keyword clouds. A new tool offered by is skill cloud creator which takes a set of skills at differenet skill levels and converts them into a skill cloud. Will people like to put their skills as skill clouds?

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Tag Cloud Comparision

Earlier I discussed tag cloud algirhtim/logic/formula and talked about linear and logarithmic interpolation. The difference in visualization can be viewed at that takes any URL and converts into a tag cloud with various options for interpolation and sorting. In addition, there is an interesting concept of comparing two pages in a single keyword cloud. And also the ability to take tag summary pages from or slashdot and turn them into clouds to give clouds within tags or what is referred as sub-tags. Even daily news can be converted into keyword clouds.

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Online Age Verification No Rocket Science?

No pun intended, but I saw

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said of the proposition, ‘If we can put a man on the moon, we can verify age on the Internet,’ but quickly followed with the acknowledgment that there is no foolproof method.”


The question is not whether something is technically/programatically possible but whether the people registering want to do give away their true age? I am usually concerned about security (to the extent that I didn’t bother to buy off of a deal from BestBuy as they want the birthdate with an explanation that it’s required to comply with some 18yr old law. Which, BTW, I don’t understand why it can’t be done by as well asking a simple question like “how old are you”. Or better yet, just say, “are you born before so and so date?” is more than enough). With all the identity thefts and large companies losing backup data during transfers etc (today I heard on radio that even the govt lost some private data of people posted along the mexico border), why would end users really give away their birthday to websites?

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