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Advanced Keyword Cloud Features

Creating a keyword cloud from a page shouldn’t be that hard as it just involves breaking up the text into words, then counting the frequency of the words and then finally displaying them as a cloud. That’s it. Right? Wrong!

A keyword cloud can be made more sophisticated. Some of the features to keep in mind are

1. preserving case for abbreviations. So, for example, if there is a web page about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then when creating a cloud of that web page should not be displaying it as seo but as SEO. This is very important as people are more used to seeing any abbreviation in uppercase and not lower case.

2. displaying the keywords in the order of their occurance in the page. Wondering why this may be useful? Say you have a blog which contains the most recent blogs at the top of the page. Obviously, you then may want a cloud that provides keywords of your recent articles first and then subsequent keywords.

3. one of the most difficult parts of the keyword cloud generation is the extraction of phrases. ToCloud.com now has the capability to extract meaningful keyword phrases from a page and so my blog’s keyword cloud starts showing up keyword phrases (click the My Blog To Cloud link to see this in action).

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