Borderless IFRAME

Google’s adsense code is a bunch of javascript which actually generates an iframe. However, the adsense region doesn’t appear to be part of a separate iframe. It looks part of the overall page being viewed well integrated into it. I was trying to get a similar effect. It worked in Firefox but IE was always rendering the iframe with a bevelled edge border. So, after a bit of searching, found that the trick is to add style=”border:0″ to the body element of the url that the iframe renders (not the body of the page containing the iframe). I did this and it worked like a charm.


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7 responses to “Borderless IFRAME

  1. brose

    Thanks, just what i needed!

  2. Great one! but not working with IE7.0

  3. S

    It works for me in IE7.0 as well.

  4. S

    Funny, I myself was trying it again today and had issues in IE. In the iframe element, you also need to add frameborder=0

  5. luis

    Fantastic!!! Thanks.
    By the way… it works with IE 8.0 too!

  6. Bjorn

    Cool! thnx man 🙂

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