Biometrics for the masses

I was doing some research on fingerprint scanning technology and initially started with Sony puppy fingerprint line and finally ended up with Microsoft Fingerprint Reader which costs around $30! That makes the technology accessible for personal use. I am planning to buy this and play around using Griaule SDK which has free trial version.

On a side note, except Griaule, no one else seem to offer a free trial version. Interestingly, Griaule is actually a pure software player. Most of the hardware vendors, who also provide SDKs are charging obscenely high amounts. I wonder how they can sell their hardware unless there are good software applications and good software applications will only be possible if there are free trial versions or better yet, free developer versions.


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5 responses to “Biometrics for the masses

  1. S

    Based on some further research, I found that the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader can be embedded the details of which are at

    and also that it’s not meant for storing critical data because the image captured is not transmitted using encryption. Atleast, for me that’s not a big concern and also for applications such as attendance etc it doesn’t matter.

  2. S

    I got the MS fingerprint reader yesterday. After a bit of struggling to install it, it’s up and running with Griaule SDK and it’s cool.

  3. I think beside the pricing factor, looking for the right and advanced biometric research is very important. Biometrics with right fit, apllication and technology can make a software package effecient, user freindly and cost effective in the long run whatever the business is.I am a representative of an established, biometric software research and development firm named M2SYS Technology based in Atlanta Georgia. We have provided our fingerprint
    and fingerprint software to numerous organizations starting from Healthcare, schools, Public safety, POS across various
    countries, who have integrated our Finger Print scanners and can make a very efficeint identification system. We understand the natrual privacy
    concern associated with fingerprint software. all fingerprint data is fully encrypted from thetime it leaves the fingerprint scanner to the time it’s stored in the
    database. we can work out deals with potential integrators where we would let them test the software free of cost usually just for larger, serious integrators. For higher efficiency in workplaces and tracking management systems, I think Biometrics is one of the best Solutions.

  4. Jacob

    Using Microsoft Scanner with Griaule is illigal. Griaule is a Brazilian company and they do not adhear the law as much as they should. But, if you are using this system for production, you should think twice.

  5. Your comment have a little bit of prejudice and a lot of Disinformation. Griaule have sales office in San Jose, CA and Germany. I don’t understand why you call this illegal, and maybe neither Microsoft, because this people use their reader on several products since 2006 and Microsoft do not seems to make a move on it. I do not comment about the “Brazilian company” statement because this means nothing today. This system is as good as any other I found around, even better, because support for Microsoft Fingerprint Reader.

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